Wednesday, October 13, 2010

So I Just Say Whatever I Want Into The Mic?

Went in the woods the other day. It was nice. The leaves are changing colors. Fall is like the season of death. Everything is dying a little more everyday. It's a beautiful transformation, life into death. Winter and Summer both have their own intrinsic beauty about them. Some prefer Summer to Winter, others Winter to Summer. This Winter I plan on building an igloo and then just laying in it, listening to some Burzum. It seems to be a good idea, Norwegian music for the snow. It rained today. Now it's foggy. I'm still trying to keep the blog stream of consciousness. It's hard but if it works then I'll have some pure motherfucking Gonzo. I'll probably go out on an adventure this weekend. Shit'll be intense. Until then, I leave you with a little poem I wrote not too long ago.
Tap tap,

Waiting now.
Cold room.
Nice plant,
It’s fake.

Fox news.
Old man,
Obama’s evil.

It’s done.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Doin' It Right, All The Time

I have very little to blog about. I might seem to be writing this blog about random awesome things but in reality, it's just because I can't decide on one topic. I also can't really plan out what to write in each post. I need some water. I'm taking a shot at stream of consciousness writing here. Fuckin' Fight Club put me up to it. I'm currently loving on that book with my heart and soul. Underneath the crazy motherfucker that is Tyler Durden lays some rather interesting ideas. Tyler Durden is within us all, there's a part in all of us that just wants to go around being manly and breaking shit. I should also mention now that I'm a writer on the side who can't write for shit.I mean just look at this post. It's poorly thought out writing with a hint of rambling laziness. Fuck my writing. You know what is good though? Electric Six. I picked up Zodiac recently and it really just blows their other albums out of the water. For those not in the know, Electric Six is a disco-garage rock band from Detroit who got short lived fame from their song "Gay Bar". I would actually tell people to buy their album. And I never buy music. They're just that good. In summary, go listen to Electric Six's Zodiac and read some Fight Club. I'm almost sure that they'll raise your testosterone so much you'll get bitch tits.